Spiritual Yoga Retreat Rishikesh


11 Nights


North India


September 18, 2024



Tour Details

This Yoga Journey is for students who have a desire to experience, the true Indian Spiritual way of life. Throughout the tour, you will gain an understanding of the traditions of true Indian Hatha Yoga traditions via your yoga practice with your teacher David Chauncy. We  shall also be visting local ashrams & temples, attending spiritual events such as the Fire Hindu ‘Arti”Ceremonies overlooking the incredible holy Ganges River at the foothills of the Himalayan Range. And learning about the ancient healing medicine of Ayurveda. We start our journey in the vibrant city of Delhi, for a few nights orientation, then head north on a scenic train journey to Haridwar, we then via our private bus continue further to Rishikesh based on the Holy Ganges River. There will be plenty of opportunities to gain deep insight into the true nature and meaning of Eastern spirituality and yogic principles.

This journey is will be a personal pilgrimage and opportunity to explore your inner foundations, which can only truly be achieved in a country such as India.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 & 2
Arrive Delhi Airport
  • Group bus pickup and transfer to hotel and sleep
  • Next day breakfast & orientation meeting with the tour leader and changing of money etc.
  • Afternoon local sightseeing tour of Old & New Delhi, including a visit to Jama Majid mosque, India Gate, and a Gurdwara temple in the evening for chanting
  • Evening dinner hotel
Day 3
Delhi – Train to Dehru Dun | Haridwar | Rishikesh
Haridwar is an ancient city and important pilgrimage site in North India, where the River Ganges meets the foothills of the Himalaya. The largest of several sacred ghats (bathing steps) Hari KiPauri hots a night Ganga Aati (river worshipping ceremony) in which small flickering lamps are floated off the steps. Worshippers fill the city during major festivals throughout the year.
  • Depart early from hotel to New Delhi railway for 4-5 hr scenic train ride to the foothill of the Himalaya.
  • Group bus pickup and transfer to onto Rishikesh
  • Arrive check into our hotel and relax around the pool and “Soul Café”
  • In the Evening will be yoga and meditation class
  • Dinner at the hotel
Days 4 – 10
Yoga Retreat – 7 days
Rishikesh is in the Himalayan foothills besides the Holy Ganges River and renowned as a center for studying yoga and meditation. Temples and centers for spiritual studies line the eastern river banks. A true pilgrimage site for Yogic seeks from around the globe

Today we bring our Yoga Retreat

Hatha Yoga Class                                      7:00am to 8:30am

Yin Yoga Class                                           16:30 – 17:30

Optional strong Vinyasa flow                 6:30-7:00

Optional Meditation class                       17:30-18:00

Stay 7 nights in Rishikesh – Dewa Resort, Rishikesh

Daily Sightseeing & Events

  • Indian cooking lessons
  • Ayurvedic Class & Massages
  • Evening Arti Ceremonies on the Ganges River
  • Trips to local Ashrams, Temples
  • Excursion to the Beatles Ashram for meditation
  • Visit to local yoga Studio and schools for Indian class
  • Free time also available to enjoy the hotel pool and Soul Cafe
Yoga Retreat, benefits of travelling
Day 11
Travel back to Delhi
Delhi is the capital city of India and a hub of activity. if time permits we shall visit some great markets and temples.
  • After breakfast, check out of the hotel and depart by group bus to the train station
  • Train back to Delhi, station pickup, and transfer to Delhi hotel or direct to Delhi International Airport



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Spiritual Yoga Retreat Rishikesh

September 18, 2024

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