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If you are an established Yoga Teacher looking to grow your business by offering Yoga retreats and tours, then we’re here to support you.
Check out our choice of Yoga Tours to stunning destinations around the globe.

Stop wasting your valuable time and energy on arranging the travel for your students and outsource this to the travel industry professionals.  

All of this frees you up to focus on what you do best – teach yoga whilst travelling, growing your business brand and forging stronger relationships with your students.

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Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers See our current and growing list of Yoga Teachers who are travelling for free with their students.

Cat Mendez

Cat Mendez

Yoga Sutra

Robyn Jacobs

Robyn Jacobs

Robyn Jacobs Yoga Melb VIC

Jourdi Bleus

Jourdi Bleu's

Jourdi Bleu Yoga

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Evangeline Yeun

Evangeline Yeun Yoga

Celia Roberts

The Biomedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation

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