What is Yoga FAQ

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

For many people ‘yoga’ is thought of as a class you do that lasts about an hour, in which you perform postures (asanas). It is supposed to make you feel relaxed, happier, stronger, healthier, and more flexible.

And yes that is part of it, but yoga is also so much more than just that…

Yoga is not about having a capable and flexible body to do complicated postures.

So what is yoga for me?
  • It is about being aware of whatever I do, including a yoga posture
  • It brings together body, mind, and breath.
  • It is about accepting feelings, thoughts, emotions, fears, judgments, and pain
  • It is about listening to my body when it talks to me through tension or fatigue and giving the body what it needs when it does
  • It is the practice of quieting the mind
  • It is about enjoying strength and flexibility, physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • It is being present when there is pain, allowing it fully without running away,
  • It is about being present with happiness, without the fear of losing it; fully embracing it, knowing that that too shall pass.
  • It is about seeing/realizing that we are all made of the same substance
  • It is about understanding the impermanence of life and change

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