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Yoga Retreats Vs Yoga Tours – Best Guide

Yoga Tours Vs Yoga Retreats.  For anyone who is interested or has a passion for Yoga and Wellbeing and are part of a Yoga community, know how awesome it is to travel with your Yogi community friends.

Yoga Retreats are very popular worldwide, and why wouldn’t they be? They are healthy, you get to eat great food, travel to exotic destinations and hang out with like minded friends.

However, after choosing your destination of choice, the next step is figuring out the travel logistics! “What is the best way to get to Himalayas in North India? What flight shall I book? Is it safe? What about visas, and travel insurance, what about doing this all alone? What about Covid!

It can be stressful and time consuming, figuring out how to get to your Yoga retreat in some foreign far away land.

This is where  “The Yoga Department” comes into play!  We combine Yoga retreats with all the travel logistics such as sightseeing, airport transfers, visas, flights, hotels all into a “Yoga Tour”. No more wondering how to arrange everything yourself.

Yoga Tours are Yoga Retreats with travel logistics and sightseeing included
  • Yoga Tours – Look after you from your home country to your destination and everything in between
  • Yoga Tours  – are fully inclusive – paid in advance and save time and money
  • Yoga Tours –  are arranged by Australian Travel Industry Professionals
  • With a Yoga Tour – Your are never on your own
  • A Yoga Tour – includes more on your trip
  • On a Yoga Tour you can retreat relax and explore at the same time
  • Your Yoga Teacher doesn’t have to arrange the travel and book your hotels
  • Yoga Tours  – Take care of you safety and security
  • A Yoga Tour – Shows you all the great sights in the country you visit
  • Yoga Tours  – chooses the best venues,  hotels, restaurants, transport and sightseeing spots

Hopefully this helps explains the difference between Yoga Tours Vs Yoga Retreats!

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