Yoga Tours vs Yoga Retreats, travel policy

Yoga Retreats Vs Yoga Tours – Best Guide

Yoga Tours are Yoga Retreats with travel logistics and sightseeing included
  • Yoga Tours – Look after you from your home country to your destination and everything in between
  • Yoga Tours  – are fully inclusive – paid in advance and save time and money
  • Yoga Tours –  are arranged by Australian Travel Industry Professionals
  • With a Yoga Tour – Your are never on your own
  • A Yoga Tour – includes more on your trip
  • On a Yoga Tour you can retreat relax and explore at the same time
  • Your Yoga Teacher doesn’t have to arrange the travel and book your hotels
  • Yoga Tours  – Take care of you safety and security
  • A Yoga Tour – Shows you all the great sights in the country you visit
  • Yoga Tours  – chooses the best venues,  hotels, restaurants, transport and sightseeing spots
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