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10 Benefits of Travelling in Small Tour Groups

When you feel that pull, it’s up to you to plan your trip… or trust a travel company to do the heavy lifting for you!

Deciding where to invest your travel dollars is never a small decision… Once you have chosen your destination, you then start wondering whether to invest your time into lengthy online research or take booking a spot with a Tour company and travel with a group.

Nothing’s more overwhelming than planning a day-by-day itinerary to a country you’ve never visited before, knowing it may just be your only chance to experience a very special place… and where even the simplest actions, like getting transportation or finding breakfast, can feel like huge question marks.

After years of running small group adventures, we are pretty sure of a couple of things:

  1. The best way to see a country usually is with a travel group unless you speak the language or have local connections.
  2. Group travel is more immersive, not less
  3. You’ll actually have a more authentic, local experience than if you were to go on your own.
  4. Traveling through an experienced company, that employs local guides, have better odds of overcoming language barriers and avoiding tourist traps.
  5. If you’re a foodie, a well-planned small group adventure will ensure you’re getting authentic food – most restaurants in highly-travelled areas are notorious for not serving legitimate  local cuisine.
  6. When you take a group adventure virtually all those stressors are erased. And should you run into a mishap (like a delayed flight, a misplaced bag, or unexpected closure) you know you have experts in your corner to handle it for you.
  7. You can’t out-plan a group adventure itinerary…at least not on your first visit to a country!
  8. At the Yoga Department, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Every adventure itinerary is based on extensive planning, local relationships, and lots of experience.
  9. You’ll get an itinerary that’s perfectly balanced: neither overbooked nor boring, With the perfect blend of nature, spirituality, culture, cuisines, good old-fashioned fun, and of course, yoga.
  10. Hotels – We know the hotels and put in extensive research in choosing the best for our groups in terms of ambience, quality of food, location and most importantly hygiene.
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