Travel Policies

COVID-19 is now a part of our everyday lives. As an Australian Tour Operator, operating international group tours, safety will always be paramount. Therefore, we at The Yoga Department have set COVID Travel policies to protect all involved, our travellers, staff and suppliers.

This means we must adhere to COVID policies for each country as per their international health and safety guidelines.

Our policies will shift and change in accordance with the international governments and best practices, so that you can focus on the enjoyment of your adventure. We are following recommendations set out by the Australian Health Department, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and any foreign governments that set protocols for their country’s safety.

Covid Vaccinations – Are no longer compulsory to travel on a Yoga Department Yoga Tour
Please note that this may vary country to country.  We shall endeavour to provide details at the time of bookings.

PCR | Rapid Anti-gen Testing – Some countries may make it mandatory to have a negative PCR test done a few days before travel. Please contact us prior at time of booking.

Travel Insurance is compulsory.

It’s important to have the correct Travel Insurance policy to protect you and your payments in the event of any unexpected cancellations.

Travel Safety Policies

1. Small Groups
The Yoga Dept policy is for small groups of no more than 18 people. The unique experiences we create sink into the culture and nature of a destination. We believe in the power of small group responsible travel.

2. Flexible Booking Policies
We all want confidence and assurance when we book and pay for travel.

  • Our 30% Tour Deposit charged at time of booking remain non-refundable (as per our standard terms & conditions)
  •  In the event of border closures due to COVID-19 or any other global health pandemic – You may choose to keep in credit your tour funds towards a future trip(within 12 months) less the non-refundable 30% tour deposit paid.

3. Yoga Mat Policy
It is imperative that each traveller brings their own yoga matt. This ensures hygiene from the risk of any matt sharing. In the instance that you don’t have your own matt, or you forget your matt, we shall ensure there are a few spares to be purchased on the tour.

4. Open Air & Out in Nature
Our tours are all about outdoor adventuring. We shall be practicing yoga where we can in appropriate outdoor or ventilated settings. In case this is not possible, we will ensure any yoga spaces are accommodating as much fresh air circulation as the location allows. And we will follow local guidelines for sanitation and mask-wearing. Social distancing will be practiced with any indoor cultural activity including yoga and, in some circumstances, mask wearing if required.

5. Mindful Health & Sanitation
Much of the sanitation process in rooms, kitchens and restaurants will happen prior to your arrival. All travellers maybe required to wear masks in indoor settings when distancing is not possible or what the local guidelines of each country stipulate. We ask that all travellers bring two to three masks depending on the length of the adventure.  Our teachers, guides and managers are there to help with any needed medical attention. Travellers are required to contact The Yoga Dept with any adverse symptoms 10 days prior to departure. Anyone arriving with a temperature greater than or equal to 39 degrees will not be able to join the group and anyone experiencing symptoms during a trip will be quarantined and will need a doctor’s approval before re-joining the group. Travellers agree to maintain and follow our enhanced safety and sanitization standards for the overall health and wellbeing of all.

6. Room mates & Single Rooms
If you are traveling solo (welcome!) it’s the Yoga Department policy to match all solo travellers with a roommate where possible. (Same sex) We will ensure where possible that your roommate for the entire journey.

Of course, single occupancy rooms are always available, but at a limited capacity. If a single room isn’t showing available on your desired departure, please contact The Yoga Department and we’ll do all we can to open an additional single room for you.

We look forward to having you onboard one of many Yoga Tour adventures around the globe.